Alseides Boutique Hotel

The hotel opened in early 2008 and is a 3 star hotel of Macedonian architecture. It boasts a classic style which blends perfectly with the environment. The beauty and serenity of the environment combined with good taste, discreet luxury, adequacy of facilities and high quality of service, create the ideal atmosphere for a pleasant stay all seasons of the year.

The nymphs were minor deities of Greek mythology, who oversaw everything that beautifies and animates nature. The Greeks believed that nymphs inspired mortals to write poems and to envision the future. The poets were named nymfolipti inhabiting the top of the mountains, the rivers, streams,forests, valleys, caves and trees. They also accompanied various gods, especially the merry and playful god Pan.

The nymphs had different names, depending on their place of residence or the name of their father. The nymphs Alseides protected flora and took their name from the woods were they lived.